The GDD Begins

Everything contained in this blog is either part of my games design document or information that is important to the development of the game.

Under the GDD tab is a section on both my major and minor focuses and a game overview.

Under character design (Major) is the game ready information for the characters within my game and a small section on the creation of each character. information about the design decisions and development process for these characters can be found in the Art bible tab.

Under Mechanics (Minor) is the game ready information explaining the ins and outs of how the mechanics and features of the game function. there is also some prototypes demonstrating how these mechanics look in game.

Under Game overview is a short pitch and description of the game, along with the essential experience.

Under the Art bible tab is the relevant information for following my design process when creating assets for the game

Under the General additional information tab is other relevant information regarding the game as a whole and information on where to find more

In my notebook is my initial reactions, ideas, and research points from the book set that are not elaborated on as they were scrapped. there is also some early ideation for mechanics, notes from Monday lectures, and some artifact design. This notebook is something of a window into how my brain was processing the development of this idea however the book does not contain the most up to date descriptions of mechanics and gameplay elements. pages with the corner folded over are ideas that came before the current game anything following is iterations of the current idea. Information for the current game can all be found in the other tabs on this blog.

The knife is the artifact i created. for information on this go to the page marked with the exclamation point in my notebook.

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