character design (Major)

The Boss:

the boss 1

Bio: a long lived member of the family who has seen and experienced a lot. He knows when someone is special, and he knows when someone is trying to dig more money out of him.

The design for the boss was inspired by works from Fabian Perez who’s work can be found here:

The Agents:

all of the agents shown here were designed from a single board of inspirations and some influence from Fabian Perez’ work. the general theme is the same as they are all part of the same gang. their designs reflect their traits and the bios where written once the traits where decided. for more information on the general aesthetic go to the art bible tab

Patrick:diplomat lv1 patrick

Bio: a young estate agent who lost his job and turned his skills to a new career

Traits: Diplomat lv1


Elizabeth:diplomat lv2 elizabeth

Bio: a bartender, turned fence. After getting ratted out to her old boss she’s looking for some field work to change things up a bit

Traits: Diplomat lv2, Weasel lv1


Taylor:enforcer lv1 perez

Bio: an ex bouncer who picked up with the gang when his workplace was taken over.

Traits: Enforcer lv2, Finesse lv1


Mateus:enforcer lv2 mateus

Bio: straight out of school looking to make money wherever he can. Hey muscles are muscles whatever job they’re doing.

Traits: Enforcer lv1, Thug lv1


Jack:finesse lv1 jack
Bio: a university drop out from law. He knows how to get around where he shouldn’t be

Traits: Finesse lv1


Ray:finesse lv2 ray

Bio: a former bar owner before it was attacked. Good with people is an understatement

Traits: Diplomat lv1, Enforcer lv1


Kris:roach lv2 kris

Bio: A Nord who knows a thing or two about technology.

Traits: Roach lv2


Ali:weasel lv1 ali

Bio: young and sweet or so you’d think. Using charm to get to places she shouldn’t be and force to get just a little bit further.

Traits: Roach lv1, Diplomat lv1


Valeria:weasel lv2 valeria

Bio: just a Slavic girl in need of some quick cash.

Traits: Weasel lv1, Thug lv1

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