Art bible

Character design Rules

Characters appearance should fit at least loosely into the stereotypes of the job they are related to. Their physical look may refer more to their background/ former job.

Colours should be muted tones related to the environment of their criminal jobs or their former job’s social status

The organisation is formal in appearance and therefore suits are generally a good fit for most characters.

The designs should also fit to Hollywood mobster/gangster/mafia stereotypes

poses should feel natural and give some idea of a characters personality.

My character designs were produced from this mood board:agent moodboard

and works from Fabian Perez (

Design Process: photoshop

for the final concepts I used a 2000 x 2000 pixel canvas and cropped it to frame the character once i was happy with the design

The two brushes i used in the final designs are from Kyle T. Webster brush pack. they are:

Kyle’s Inkbox – Badass Brush Inker 1: Line work

Kyle’s Paintbox – Claude M: Colour and shading


General Aesthetic information

The Game is set in 1990s Manchester. the 90s is slightly after the time the mafia is associated with however gangs were and are still active so it is still within reason that the content of the game could still happen. the 90s allowance for a more modern style combined with traditional mafia formality is what I’ve tried to achieve with my designs and should be the goal going forwards. setting the game in Manchester is not directly related to aesthetic but it affords the opportunity for a more diverse gang as the city is well known to be full of people from all walks of life.

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