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How long are people generally willing to wait for a response in a face to face conversation?

5-6 seconds (depending on visual responses e.g. changing posture)

❤ seconds without visual response

How long is this time if they imagine they are a mafia boss?

~= 3 seconds (depending on visual responses)

used in negotiation mechanic to set time for “remain silent” (5 seconds)


When imagining themselves as a “mafia boss” people tend to put on an Italian accent.

When imagining themselves as a “mobster” or “gangster” boss people tend to put on a Boston accent.

There are also some people who play a heavier British accent for all 3.

When asked about stereotypes for all of these terms people usually respond with “suits, hats, and cigars”. Guns, drugs, and alcohol are also often mentioned

used in character designs


The mobster/gangster/mafia period is unclear but generally ranges from the 1920s to the 1980s however there were organised crime groups prior to this and there are still mafias and gangsters that operate today.

Little Caesar (1931)

Public Enemy (1931)

Scarface (1932)

used in character designs


Crime list and phase breakdowns produced by “batman” a personal friend of mine currently incarcerated in Chelmsford prison

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