Game overview: This Thing of Ours

well done you’ve joined the mafia. not quote at the bottom though. you’re the middle man. you get the job description and assemble the team to do it while taking a little cut extra for your troubles. Keep your boss happy, keep your agents in work, and everything will be fine

Essential Experience:

To experience pressure from a scenario that can change very quickly from a single decision.

Gameplay experiences:

Negotiation. the player has the chance to negotiate the cut of the job that they can split with the agents. a bigger cut can mean either better agents or more profit.

Simulation. the player decides what the agents are going to do but ultimately it is up to them to succeed. once the agents are out on the job you will be sidelined watching and hoping they bring home the big ones.

Unique Selling Point:

This Thing of Ours is part of a genre that is not as often explored and with a gameplay focus that is more common but still not a main place in the games industry. Combining Crime and simulation/ tycoon elements is something that i believe has been covered very little by developers and i am sure it has never been done in the way i have laid out in my GDD.

Target audience

This thing of ours is made for Fans of crime series games and Fans of sims/tycoons.

ESRB rating:

mild language, themes of criminal activity, themes of violence.


Platform: This Thing of Ours can be created for any platform but would be best suited to Tablets, PC, and mobile.

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